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On October 27th 2017, Tekno System® business has been officially taken over by Tecnovideo S.r.l..

For further information and commercial inquiries about Tekno System® products, please contact:

Phone: +39 0445 350444
Email: teknosystem@tecnovideocctv.com
Website: www.tecnovideocctv.com

Emotion BIG LENS

Positioning unit with extra-large housing designed for cameras with large motorized lenses, to be used over extremely long distances



Compact infrared LED illuminator available in new versions with improved performance.
It can also be equipped with elliptical lenses for a more effective illumination of the scene.


Emotion TWO EYES

Positioning unit for simultaneous dual vision, with integrated day/night camera, thermal module with fixed lens and an innovative infrared LED double array.


Emotion BOTRO

Positioning unit for simultaneous dual vision, designed for large motorized thermal lenses, to be used over extremely long distances.



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