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On October 27th 2017, Tekno System® business has been officially taken over by Tecnovideo S.r.l..

For further information and commercial inquiries about Tekno System® products, please contact:

Phone: +39 0445 350444


Hyperion One

Emotion BIG LENS

BIG LENS is the latest addition to the Emotion family.
Specially designed to accommodate large zoom lenses, it is ideal for continuous monitoring of wide outdoor areas in harsh environments such as ports, coasts and industrial areas.
The device is able to manage significant loads and can reach a speed of 40 ° / second, which makes it one of the fastest positioning unit in this category.

Like the rest of the range, it is entirely made in AISI 316L stainless steel to resist against rust and corrosion.
Hyperion One


The range of compact illuminators by Tekno System is now even more high-performing and complete.

The new Hyperion One offers improved performance with the usual high quality of vision and ease of use.

The new range comes in 3 versions:

S (Short) and M (Medium), replacing the previous series Low and Hi, and the new flagship series L (Long), able to light up to 210 meters.
All new models can be equipped with a 43°x8° elliptical lens, which delivers a more effective and uniform illumination of the scene.

Hyperion One is available also in Low Voltage and PoE.




Expoprotection 2014

We look forward to meeting you at Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles from 4th to 6th November. (link)

Come and visit our booth (Hall 1, H72) to discover our latest products, including the new Emotion TWO EYES.
Emotion double optics new entries


Our product range has been further expanded with interesting news.
In fact, the Emotion family has been joined by two innovative P&T units, both able to control at the same time visible and thermal cameras.

Emotion TWO EYES integrates an innovative infrared LED double array to light up to 100m



Emotion BOTRO, features a motorized thermal zoom in an extra-large housing



Expoprotection 2012
  From 4th to 7th December 2012
at Paris Porte de Versaille, Hall 7.3 - Allèe G - Stand 28 (link)

KIT6A Pressurizable


New pressurizable camera housing designed to protect camera and lens in harsh environmental conditions. The housing pressurization increases the camera reliability and reduces the cost of maintenance.

This special version of KIT6A can be easily pressurized in the field with dry nitrogen to prevent impurities from contaminating camera and lens components. A pressure relief valve prevents the over-charging of the enclosure.

The use of nitrogen gas pressure ensures that no humidity is trapped in the camera housing; the nitrogen gas has also a cooling effect and the gas will equal the hotspots inside the enclosure..

The IP68 weatherproof rate is maintained by three metal cable glands and special gaskets that prevent humidity, dust or water from entering the housing.

This model is also equipped with a thick polycarbonate window (8mm) that has an IK10 impact resistance rate.



Stainless Steel Cable Management Camera Housing


KITXESP is the latest Kit of Stainless Steel Camera Housing, entirely made in sturdy AISI316L alloy and suitable for very harsh environments.

A revolutionary Stainless Steel Cable Management assures the maximum protection after installation and also many new mechanical features enhanced by an extremely light housing.

Both Horizontal and Vertical movements can be easily adjusted with just one tool.

Since the debut of the Stainless Steel Range of Camera Housings, the Cable Management was the missing option, that has become physically possible only thanks to the CHXES concept of camera housings.
In fact this innovative product, which has firstly been developed for the PTZ Emotion and which is assembled like a cartridge assures maximum performances and flexibility.

The whole system can resist in strong wind conditions or vibrations because of its very low weight.
Emotion Thermal compliance with integrated FLIR Modules


As an integrator partner, Tekno System has successfully developed and incorporated the telemetry control and the fitting of the FLIR modules into the Emotion the ultimate high performance AISI316L Stainless Steel Pan & Tilt unit.

The large built-in germanium window guarantees the best view for thermal lenses ranging from 7.5mm to 100mm.

The system also boasts a continuous rotation of 360 degrees on both axes at high speed and with maximum precision.


Hyperion One Hyperion One PoE

Hyperion One PoE is the latest infrared LED illuminator, developed to complete the already successful Hyperion range.

The Power Over Ethernet core has been developed by experience in infrared LED technology merged with an unsurpassed knowledge of PoE power supplies and its benefits.

Its PoE board (IEEE 802.3af compliant) provides power directly through the Ethernet cable, thus efficiently achieving the same performance of the traditionally powered Hyperion One.

Hyperion One PoE is available in both HI or LOW power versions with four different beam angles:

15° / 30° / 60° /120 °.

With an IP66/67 weatherproof rating and a Sealed and
Pre-cabled Ethernet Connector
, Hyperion One PoE can easily be linked to a PoE network or injector.

  From 13-15 October
at O.F.E.C. Casablanca, Maroc - Stand 46 ( link )
Launch of NANO: a new compact LED illuminator

Nano is the new entry level LED illuminator developed by the company's R&D experts following the successful Hyperion range. The shell of the Nano has a compact shape originated from the old generation RL50/RS20 but unveils an extremely powerful new core.

A key feature of the Nano is the internal 230 VAC Power Supply that simplifies much of the installation by the absence of any external power feed unit or junction box to wire-up.

High efficiency and low consumption LEDs assure the product life with maximum reliability.

Nano is available both in Infrared or White Light versions with three different beam angles: 15° / 30° / 60°. With an IP66 weatherproof rating, Nano can be easily fixed to any camera housing or as a standalone unit.

Datasheet NANO IR - NANO WL


Expoprotection 2010
  From 2-5 November
at Paris-Nord Villepinte, Hall 5 - Stand 28 - Alèe Q ( link )

Hyperion One

HYPERION in Low Voltage

Market success brings new demands and challenges, expecially when products are getting popular throughout the world. That’s the reason why Tekno System is now launching the whole range of IR and WL illuminators in low voltage too.
In fact, some markets mainly require low voltage to feed CCTV systems, demanding as well to maintain inalterate the features that let the Hyperion range of products to set the new benchmark

Briefly some key features

  • no need of any external weatherproof box for PSU or connections
  • photocell switcher integrated; ON/OFF switching sincronized with camera Night/Day modalities
  • plug&play installation
  • cabling through wall bracket
  • vandal proof
  • IP66 and IP67
  • cost-effective
  • low power consumption allied to high performances
  • environmentally friendly


Fed up with over complicated setting-up, configuring, starting-up and maintenance of long or unpractical operations?

Emotion is probably what you have dreamed about!

The integrated positioning unit Emotion has been engineered adopting mechanical solutions that do not require maintenaince. Installation is user-friendly, the system is compact and the fixing operations are simple and quick to do. Configuration and setup is carried out totally remotely, even when housing a board, a digital, an analogue or a thermal camera.

Key product features...

• continuous horizontal & vertical rotation

• its effective speed can vary from 0.01 to 200 °/s for both axis

• its working temperature range is from -40 to +50 °C

• its flexibility allows Tekno System to offer a wide range of customization

• made entirely of stainless steel for the most aggressive environments and industrial applications


CHEP available with Hi-PoE

It was only a matter of time! Tekno System already developed a wide range of professional camera housings with HiPoE feeding, no wonder this successful technology would soon or later be available and Atex/Iecex certified for the explosion proof housing CHEP.
The cabling is factory made, all the operations for installation are absolutely user-friendly and can be done by any professional installer.
Thanks to its MKII splitter the connection with the ethernet cable is Plug&Play: a RJ45 connector and a punch down terminal are both available: it is up to the installer the choice to use one out of these two available fast connections.

CHEP certified for laser devices

It is well known that laser devices, radiation class 1 and 2, do find many applications for civil as well as industrial use.
In particular, they are utilized to monitor industrial processes, to measure levels and distances, to control moving objects, to check the position of objects (i.e. vessels, cars, etc).
In these applications it is often required to the laser device to be explosion proof, being the installation in one of those areas defined as potentially explosives.
Tekno System has ATEX certification to cover laser devices radiation class 1 and 2, making the CHEP enclosure the proper answer for these applications!
Hyperion One WL Hyperion One WL
New White Light LED illuminators range

3-HYP 3-Hyperion
New night-time illumination solution for speed dome video surveillance systems

New Dual Fast Connection HiPoE Camera Housings

The Explosionproof camera housing ATEX and IECEx certified is available in Aluminuim or Stainless Steel AISI 316L.
Special version for Mines or with Germanium filter are available.
Hyperion One Hyperion One
New compact version of LED infrared illuminator Hyperion series compatible with every camera housings
Germanium Window Germanium Filters for Thermanl Camera

Germanium filters with anti-scratching and anti-reflection treatments for KIT 1 - KIT 6 - KIT R - CHX - CHXES

Linea XE Launch of Linea XE
New stainless steel camera housing for special applications available in Standard or Hi-PoE versions, also with built-in Wiper option

Coming soon
Hyperion Hyperion
New LED infrared illuminator with cable protection
Alfa photonics
Presented in Sicurezza 2008 the explosionproof camera housing CHEP ( photo ) with Flir thermal camera
New explosionproof camera housing ATEX and IECEx certified
Sicurezza 2008 Sicurezza 2008
  From 25-28 November at Fiera Milano
Hall 13 - Stand K02 ( link )
Expoprotection 2008
  From 4-7 November
at Paris-Nord Villepinte, Hall 5 - Stand 28 - Alèe PQ ( link )
HiPoE HiPoE Camera Housing

New very compact 1 Gigabit Ethernet compatible dedicated splitter


Kit 11 IP HiPoE
CHEP housing

Specialized magazines talks about our CHEP housing

Antifurto TVCC
Specialized magazines talks about our HiPoE housing

Safety & Security
Specialized magazines talks about our HiPoE housing

2007 : New Company Web Site
Tekno System new internet European union domain
Launch of Linea 11
Specifically designed to meet the high performances required by the ultimate generation of digital cameras; supporting Power Over Ethernet Technology makes Linea 11 the benchmark for the new generation of camera housing

New photocell switch with day/night control for cameras
Creation d'un Bureau Commercial en France
  Contact de référence :
Sicurezza 2006 - Fiera Milano 15-18 March
  Great success at Sicurezza 2006 Exibition in Milan( link )
Nuovo Quartiere - Rho - Pad. 13 - Stand K02 ( photo )

Launch of Linea X
New stainless steel camera housings for special applications available in three versions : standard, vandal-proof and liquid cooled
New Electronic Equipment : TSK1 - Videodistributors

TSK1 : Multiprotocol Keyboard
D2X14 - D4X12R : Video Distributors


Bracket for LCD/Plasma monitors

LB - LBC - LBW - LBWS : Study construction brackets for LCD/Plasma monitors

Linea R

New camera housing with flip-top opening system for user friendly installation and mainteinance
       H o m e N e w s C o m p a n y P r o d u c t s C o n t a c t s C a t a l o g u e P r i v a c y
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