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Electronic Devices
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  TSK1 - Multiprotocol Control Keyboard Data Sheet
  Microprocessor controller  
  Firmware upgrading through PC  
  LCD graphic display 128x128 dots, blue screen with white LEDs backlight
  3 serial ports RS485 (RJ12 connectors)  
  1 serial port RS232 (DB9 connector)  
  RS485 impedance termination dip-switch, externally accessible  
  Proportional 3 axis joystick (PTZ)
  Numeric keypad (12 keys)  
  Multi-function keypad (10 keys)  
  Configurable internal buzzer  
  External wide range switching PSU 100-240Vac, 47-63Hz / 12Vdc, 1A
       H o m e N e w s C o m p a n y P r o d u c t s C o n t a c t s C a t a l o g u e P r i v a c y
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