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Explosionproof Housings CHEP
Explosion proof housing to be installed in zone where the forming of potentially explosive atmosphere is possible due to the presence of Group IIB-IIC gasses, fumes, smokes and powders even mixed among them .

Construction Anticorodal Aluminium or
Stainless Steel AISI 316L
Inside useful volume

90 X h 70 X 230 mm

External dimension Ø190 X 380 mm
Ø190 X 430 mm
External dimension
with sunshield
Ø208 X 450 mm
Ø208 X 500 mm
IP portection degree IP66 e IP67
Execution Ex d I/IIC T6 Ex tD A21
IP 66/67 T85°C
Rating plate Laser incision
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- Heater with thermostat [ -20°C +50°C]
  (12-24Vac/Vdc or 100-240Vac)

- Triple heater with thermostat [ -50°C +50°C]
  (12-24Vac/Vdc or 100-240Vac)
- 400mA power supply unit,
  230Vac/12Vdc or 230Vac/24Vac
- HiPoE MKII Splitter or HiPoE MKII PLUS Splitter
- Sunshield
- Frontal glass protection grid
- Bracket with swivel for wall or ceiling mounting
Special Versions
- Aluminium Housing with Germanium filter
- Stainless Steel Housing
- Stainless Steel Housing with Germanium filter
- Stainless Steel Housing for mines
Laser devices
CHEP is a product ATEX certified also for laser devices radiation class 1 and 2
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