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Housings LINEA X
Stainless steel camera housing for special applications, available in three version : standard, vandal-proof and liquid cooled .

Constructions Stainless steel AISI 316L
Internal dimension WxH 85 x 85 mm
Length 342mm
IP68 a 50 m (CHX)
IP68 a 100m(CHXS)
IP68 a 10 m (CHXC)
Cable glands N.2 M 16x1.5
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- 12-24Vac/Vdc or 100-240Vac heater with thermostat
  (for CHX and CHXS)

- 400mA power supply unit,
  230Vac/12Vdc or 230Vac/24Vac
- SSX : Stainless Steel Sunshield
- Germanium filter for thermal cameras
Accessories (for CHXC only)
- BAX : air barrier for window cleaning
- GFA : compressed-air filtering unit
- W : VICOR glass for high temperature
- FH : Infrared filters holder for CHXC (3 filters Max)
- IR : Infrared Reflection filter for CHXC
(Max one per camera housing; to be installed faced to the window)
- FA : Infrared Absorption filter for CHXC
(Max two per camera housing; to be installed after the Infrared Reflection Filter)
Brackets and Adapters
- BWX : Wall Bracket with Swivel
- CMX : Corner adapter
- PAX : Pole adapter
- CBX : Ceiling adapter for BWX
Data Sheet    
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Special Version  
Linea X + Germanium Window Option Data Sheet
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